West Texas A&M University dance program wrapped up its year with an awards banquet recognizing its most on-point performers.

The April 29 banquet celebrated the department’s two major performances, “Falling into Dance” in October and “Portraits of Dance” in April, as well as its collaborations with other programs in the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities.

“We were so happy to return to in-person performances this year,” said Crystal Bertrand, director of the dance program. “Between our major concerts and our collaborations with Harrington String Quartet and WT Theatre, our students were able to refine their skills while entertaining audiences.”

Bertrand and fellow faculty members Edward Truitt and Leslie Williams selected Penelope Welch, junior dance major from Frisco, as the winner of the 3D Award, given to a dancer who exemplifies discipline, determination and desire.

Faculty members also selected Kynleigh Hilton, a junior dance major from Lubbock, as winner of the Treston Johnson Dance Award, given to a dancer who best exemplifies the heart and soul of the dance program. The award is named for a dance student who died in 2018.

Five other awards, with winners selected by dance majors, were presented, as well:

Spirit Award: Jamison Uselding, a junior dance major from Amarillo, for encouragement and support of other dancers;

Buff Dance Award: Alexis Ayala, a May 7 dance graduate from El Paso, for passion, dedication and the year’s most impressive performances;

Diamond Award: Abbi Roe, a May 2021 graduate pursing a second degree in Dance, from Roswell, New Mexico, for modeling proper classroom and rehearsal etiquette;

Discovery Award: Amon Fredinand, a freshman dance major from Amarillo, for making significant and unexpected contributions to the program; and

Emerald Award: Hannah Hosnedl, a junior dance major from Downers Grove, Ill., and Emily Evans, a junior dance major from Amarillo, for embodying the highest aspects of artistry and skill in class, in rehearsal and on stage.

The dance program’s 2022-23 season will include “Falling into Dance” on Nov. 17 to 20 and “Portraits of Dance” on April 28 to 30.